Major Blog Writing Strategies to Adopt in 2020

Blog Writing Strategies

Blog writing has become a good source of earning for several people. The trend of earning money through blog writing has increased rapidly within the past few years. Even though it seems to be a good source of earning, it’s not a walk through the park. To make your blog worth reading, there are many things that one must keep in mind to hold the interest of the audience throughout so that they look forward to reading more from you.  Keeping up with the competition and holding quality intact may exhaust you at times. So this blog offers some significant strategies that can help you with your writing pace.
In this blog, you will find some great blog writing tips and strategies that you must follow in 2020. If you are a beginner, then these tips for blog writing will help you get good results in no time. And for experienced bloggers, it’s high time to say goodbye to your old blog writing strategies.


Avoid Cannibalization

Cannibalization means competition among the blogs that have the same topic or, in simple words publishing information about the same topics in intervals. Try to avoid it as it would confuse Google crawlers, and eventually, you will get less traffic on your website; a single blog post for a topic is more than enough.

Create a Pillar Page

A pillar page is also known as the hub page is a category page that systematically displays your best written blogs. Try to promote your pillar page as much as you can, as it can prove to be very helpful in diverting the attention of the audience towards your best content creations.

Promote Your Previous Blogs

Make sure you send you old blogs to new subscribers as a sweet gesture. It will not only increase the engagement but also multiply your email’s click-through rates.

Promote Your Previous Blogs

Align Tone with Target Audience

The tone is the valuable content that adds coherence to your blog. Depending upon the nature of the blog nature, you can keep your tone playful, ironic, solemn, intimate, or even informal. Understanding the tone requirement of the blog is critical. Many bloggers ignore this strategy all the while focusing on the SEO; however, these small details hold your blog together and add interest in it.
These are a few tips that can do wonders for you this year. Showcase the best of your writings by following these tips and make you every word count. Happy Blogging!

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